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Helping people and the environment through your generosity


Drop Off Locations in the South West


Laptops donated to schools and families


Electronics devices diverted from landfill

We’re combining skills and local heroes to reduce digital exclusion across the South West.

At Donate IT, we have teamed up with many local heroes to help deliver much needed IT to people who need it. The wonderful people in Somerset, Dorset and surrounding areas are pulling resources and donating what they can to the program. We then refurbish the equipment ready for distribution to those that need it.

What we can and cannot accept

Can accept:

Laptops          PC’s, towers

Mobile phones        Smart phones

iPads  iPhones Apple devices (please remove your apple device from your account settings, so they can be re-used)

Tablets                   Kindle’s/e-readers

Game consoles   Digital cameras

Smart watches

Cables & accessories

Cannot accept:

Printers, monitors, mice, keyboards

Digital Drop-Off Locations
Reducing Waste

Recycle vs reuse – Reducing waste is one of the key factors when tackling climate change. We divert products that were heading for landfill into the program for refurbishment and sale; of which the proceeds go directly to providing more up to date equipment that is fit for learning purposes.


We think no one should be put at a disadvantage when it comes to education which is why we want every household to have equipment that makes learning from home possible, .

Safe Hands

When you donate a laptop / computer or any piece of tech equipment, we have the facility to securely clean all memory in a way that complies with the General Data Protection Regulations and you can be assured there will be none of your data distributed when your tech finds a new home

Where You Fit In

If you have tech to donate please look at the drop off locations below and head to your nearest. If you are in need of tech then please get in touch. We are a friendly bunch and will work with you to ensure your tech gets to the people who need it most.

Digital Drop-Off Locations

With 48 Digital Drop-Off across Somerset and Dorset, find your nearest drop off on our map below. Many have opening hours and some require contacting and arranging a drop off. Click on a location point to view details.

Help us spread the word!

Word of mouth is the best way to let people know of the great work our community is doing, please help us by telling your friends and family about us and all our donation candidates will be full of gratitude.


Watch our video explaining how the Donate IT process works:

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